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Friends of the Animal Shelters (FOTAS) was founded as a nonprofit organization on June 1, 2015. Realizing the need to raise funds for shelter animals, FOTAS was originally created to help generate the funds needed to spay and neuter animals. By teaming up with the Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center, FOTAS has helped spay and neuter over 5,000 animals since it was founded.
Over time FOTAS has realized other needs for shelter animals and now makes it a goal to improve the lives of its shelter animals that require any veterinarian assistance. The funding goes towards offsetting vet costs that come with caring for sick and injured animals.
FOTAS has held 5 major fundraising events including a carnival and silent auction. During the last event we raised over $10,000 dollars, 100% of which, went back to the animals.

As time has gone on FOTAS has also expanded their reach and partners while continuing their mission to fund in caring for shelter animals in the Siouxland area. In 2015, FOTAS partnered up with Petsmart, resulting in over 10,000 adoptions of fixed animals, and 5,000 since 2018. FOTAS has donated to 19 animal organizations in the Sioux City area and plans to expand their influence in the future.

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To facilitate the adoption process of unwanted animals, and to bring improvement to the lives of those animals, adopted or not, who require our aid in whatever form that we are able to provide.



Compassion, Kindness, Awareness, Respect, & Integrity

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